Sometimes a bike isn’t about speed or racing… sometimes a bike is simply about doing errands comfortably and not firing up the car to go a few blocks to the store. Many town bikes are run-down junkers that noisily rattle along the road. Alfie isn’t like that at all….Alfie is quiet, efficient, happy in all weather and won’t make a mess of your trousers. With eleven speeds, hydraulic disc brakes and a generator light built in, there’s everything one would need to get about town in style. The classic late ’40’s style of the frame gives it a distinctive look. The Shimano Alfine parts group provides superior shifting and braking -performance unmatched in other town bike components. Complete bikes start at $3,500.


Rock Lobster produces a limited number of tandem frames in both road and mtn. formats. As with the single frames, all tandems are custom built for the riders. Prices start at $ 2,900 frame and $300 for a steel fork.