Q. How long does it take to get a frame?
A. It can take 6-8 months from time of order as Rock Lobster is a small operation making limited numbers at a very high quality level. The list has never been more than 7 months.

Q. How can I visit Rock Lobster?
A. Visitors are welcome……Just get in touch through the website and make an appointment.

Q. Who can I contact in Europe to get a frame?
A. The Merlin Cycles, Ltd in Leyland near Preston, Lancs. U.K. are the exclusive distributors.

Q. Can I order a frame through my favorite local bicycle shop?
A. Certainly, as long as the shop isn’t in direct competition with a nearby rock lobster dealer.

Q. Are there options other than the ones listed on this site?
A. Yes, there are almost infinite possibilities when ordering a custom frame but there are some building practices that I will not do for safety and/or ethical reasons……a phone call can clarify the parameters.

Q. Does Rock Lobster offer complete bikes and if so, why aren’t there any prices?
A. Rock Lobster offers complete buildups on a bid basis…you will know what it will cost in advance-I can’t list all the prices as there are too many variables-hey, its custom!

Q. How many frames does Rock Lobster produce annually?
A. In a good year 100 frames are produced.